Personal Trainer



Certified as Personal trainer and  fitness teacher, with more than 9 years, with professionnal experience in France and abroad - United-States - New-Zealand, Australia - I have worked with Professional athletes from Aix-en-Provence Creps, participated in competitions in the national and international Bikini category. I have developed knowledge that I will include at your service.

Trained and specialised for more than 2 years in electrostimulation, I offer personalised follow-up at your home and coaching at each session. Listening to you and ensuring a quality sports program.

I ensure training progress :

  • learning

  • perfecting movements

  • tailor-made coaching

The training intensity is adapted to your profile

As in all physical activities, the results with be really optimized, only by accompanying them a with a balanced diet. Nutritional support and follow-up is offered.

Trained, passionate and dynamic, I put all my efforts into your success and talk you further in each session.

Now combining fitness exercises with electrostimulation, allowing you to obtain results that may exceed your expectations. DON'T HESITATE ANY MORE ! 


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