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5 Reasons to choose EMS Training !

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

1. I don't like to blend in with the crowd of gym clubs and I hate not having a coach to guide and correct me.

2. I work my whole body simultaneously, 8 muscle groups intensely targeting the agonist and antogonist muscle groups : abs, glutes, low back, back, arms (biceps, triceps) thighs (quadriceps, hamstring)

3. I can't cheat on my goal thanks to EMS muscle contractions (compulsory contractions, produced by the electrodes of the i-motion device)

4. L’EMS is for everyone : men, women, young people, seniors, beginners, athletes and adapts to all levels : following progressive programs.

5. I save time : The session during only 20 minutes and corresponds to a classic session of 3 hours by working its series in the traditional way.le(sur la base de 3 séries de 10 répétitions sur 8 zones musculaires en rajoutant les temps de repos) soit 240 mouvements. Plus besoin de perdre du temps à aller à votre salle de sport.

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